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International tax advice

There is no denying that markets have grown together, and cross-border business activities have become the norm. When taking business from a national to an international level, lots of country-specific tax regulations need to observed. We are happy to advise you and support you to the best of our ability in your international business activities.

Your benefits

Our experts are always up to speed on international tax issues. Thanks to our ties with international centres of excellence, you will receive customised advice on how to further your interests abroad.

Our services

  • International tax planning
  • Optimising international business structures (location planning, group structuring)
  • Cross-border restructuring, company acquisitions and divestitures
  • Investment structures in the transition countries of Central Europe
  • Appraisal of group financing facilities
  • Staff secondments
  • Expert opinions and legal advice on European tax law issues
  • Transfer of business functions (outbound)
  • Appraisal of settlement systems and transfer price documentation
  • Development of employee profit-sharing models
  • Accounting and payroll accounting for foreign companies
  • International tax law and treaties to prevent double taxation
  • European Court of Justice case law
  • Set-up and taxation of permanent establishments with special consideration of profit attribution requirements
  • Change of place of residence with or without keeping a secondary place of residence in Austria
  • International asset planning
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