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Business succession

Various aspects need to be considered when implementing a business succession. In addition to concerns of a personal nature, issues relating to succession law and labour law as well as tenancy and liability law need to be resolved. Special attention also needs to be given to tax issues so that the succession remains affordable. We are happy to advise you.

Your benefits

Out team has an excellent educational background in tax advice and business consulting. You can count on the know-how of our specialists to ensure the most advantageous business succession in accordance with your wishes.

The challenge

Usually the implementation of a business succession constitutes a critical juncture in the operating environment as a whole. Organising the best possible succession means launching the process early on, giving earnest consideration to all the alternatives in the initial stage and taking into account a wide range of fiscal and legal issues.

Our services

  • Timely ideas, advice and guidance whenever there is need, comprehensive information
  • Reorganisation brainstorming
  • Mapping of all stakeholders and their objectives and interests
  • Scrutiny of succession objectives, liability concerns, questions relating to the succession from one generation to the next, pension plans, issues under civil law
  • Development of future scenarios
  • Business plan in correlation with detailed plans
  • Definition of a schedule with a margin for new considerations and alternatives
  • Definition of the project team
  • Timely discussion on the occasion of the annual accounts
  • Process facilitation, coordination and support
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